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SmartGrass® is an established artificial turf leader, and our turf blends can be seen in all areas across the nation. Our company uses the highest quality artificial grass available on the market today. All SmartGrass® products are proudly made in America, and meet or exceed the highest industry standards. Our scope of work is extensive, and our client list includes Viceroy Hotel locations in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs and Santa Monica, and entertainment venues such as The Greek Theatre, Hollywood Bowl and the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

The SmartGrass® brand has been installed in several major Las Vegas Resort Hotels including Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio and the MGM Grand. Our artificial turf has appeared on dozens of product commercials, proudly boasting an untarnished registry of clients such as Nike, Ford, ATT, Apple and more.

The SmartGrass® artificial grass brand can also be seen on movie sets such as CSI, Paranormal Activity, Iron Man and is featured on KTLA News every morning in Los Angeles.

Artificial Grass- What are the Benefits?

In a world that is striving to be eco-friendly, Artificial turf is the perfect solution. With the implementation of artificial grass, or a “ fake lawn ” the homeowner’s lawn no longer needs to be cut, watered or trimmed, nor does it need to be treated with chemicals that may be damaging to the environment. Lawn turf artificial

In warmer climate areas such as Southern California, Nevada, Florida or Arizona, there will be times when a severe shortage of water or long periods without rain will occur. This can result in burned grass, dry patchy areas, or an overall dying lawn, which can ruin the overall appearance of your surrounding landscape. Artificial Turf or, “fake grass”, is a perfect solution for home owners that live in these areas. After an installation of synthetic turf is implemented, the home owner has peace of mind and can enjoy the benefits of a maintenance free, eco- friendly landscape that stays beautiful all year round.


The Smart Grass® Synthetic Turf Brand

The SmartGrass® artificial grass blend is made with Ten Cate yarn – the global leader in synthetic grass fibers. Polyethylene, Mono filament blades with a polypropylene thatch are used, which is engineered for optimum resiliency and blade recovery.
For child or pet applications, the backing on our landscape turf is made from anti-microbial, mildew resistant fibers which prevent urine absorption and bad odors. Our superior , “ Tuft Bind® ” system, has a blade lock strength of 10-12 pounds, which easily exceeds our competing brands, who typically have a strength of only 4- 6 pounds.

The SmartGrass® Artificial Turf blend has a stitched backing gauge rate of 3/8”. This is the strongest in synthetic turf manufacturing, and will guarantee many long years of enjoyment and durability as a return on your investment.

SmartGrass® – Supplying Homeowners and Businesses Nationwide

The SmartGrass® brand can be seen in all areas across the United States. As the push towards a green environment continues, homeowners and businesses are utilizing all the amazing benefits of a synthetic or “ fake lawn “.  Areas of the country such as Florida, Nevada, California and Arizona all have benefited from using the SmartGrass brand. As the green movement continues and saving water and eliminating harmful pesticides is in the minds of the environmentally conscious, our artificial grass blend is being used in many other areas, such as New York, Texas, South Carolina and other southern states such as Georgia and Alabama.  Also, since most golf courses are now converting over to artificial putting greens to save on pesticides, maintenance and expensive water bills, our commercial turf brand is now being used at golf resorts all across the country.

Fake Grass – Where can it be used?

The possibilities for artificial turf are many! SmartGrass® can be used for gardens, landscaping, Putting Greens, indoor sports arenas, pet facilities, swimming pools, rooftop decks, playgrounds and more!
With our wide selection of artificial grass blends, our clients can pick and chose the texture and color of their choice, insuring the exact look and feel that they desire.

Artificial Turf and The SmartGrass® Declaration of Quality

SmartGrass® is dedicated to using only the most innovative, finest quality products that are available to date. All SmartGrass® artificial grass blends last an average of 15 – 20 years, and can withstand the toughest abuse and everyday wear and tear.
Our service professionals are the most knowledgeable in the industry, and take pride in providing our valued clients with a flawless, seamless installation that will ultimately transcend and beautify their home or place of business.
Using our highly trained professionals and the finest materials in the industry, SmartGrass® has become the preferred choice and proven leader in synthetic turf applications.

To get started on your Synthetic Grass project, please contact a SmartGrass® representative today!!

Urine Smells and Pet Odors on Artificial Turf. You Need URI-CIDE®.

One of the many benefits of having artificial turf, is you no longer have to worry about the family dog digging up the lawn or dragging muddy paws into the home. One constant that comes with owning a dog who plays on artificial turf is the fact that they will urinate on the grass surface. The artificial turf will not burn and turn brown like real grass, but if your pet repeatedly goes to the bathroom in the same spot it will leave an odor, and you’ll want to rid the pet Urine odor with Uricide.

We recommend using URI-CIDE® Pet Odor Eliminator to all of our clients. URI-CIDE® is a 100% living bacteria concentrate. It is a very powerful, bio-enzymatic formula that is specially designed for neutralizing the most offensive urine smells and other types of pet odors. URI-CIDE® is 100% organic, non-toxic and can safely be used around kids, pets and plants.

To learn more about URI-CIDE® Microbial Products, please click here.

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