Artificial Grass – A Perfect Solution Designed For Your Pets

At SmartGrass, we realize that every home owner has different needs for their pets. Using SmartGrass® Proprietary Synthetic Turf Blends, we work with you to design and optimize a perfect outdoor area for your pet, taking many different variables into consideration. Durability, blade length, size of your animal, drainage and time spent in the area are just a few ofartificial grass for pets the many factors that we take into account. Our wide range of commercial turf blends are designed for all different sizes of animals, and our specialists will work with you to create the perfect outdoor solution.

Pet Friendly Systems – Features and Benefits

SmartGrass® has become the preferred brand of artificial grass products, and when it comes to designing outdoor pet areas, we answer the call. Our wide range of commercial turf products can fulfill a wide variety of needs, ranging from little to big dogs, and we can custom design a pet system to work within your budget.

Synthetic Turf – Benefits When Installing Pet Systems

  • Green Grass That Stays Beautiful

The days of brown spots, holes and dried out patches are over. Whether you have one pet or several, SmartGrass® will keep your yard looking amazing all year round!

  • With Artificial Turf, Your Pets Stay Clean

SmartGrass® synthetic turf keeps the dirt and mud off your animals. Sun, run or snow, no matter what the weather is like dog turf artificial grassoutside, your favorite pet stays clean.

You no longer have to worry about Spot digging holes, tracking dirt, or bringing his muddy paws into the house. Spot stays clean, the Homeowner stays happy!

  • Pest Free Environment

A SmartGrass® Synthetic lawn provides a safe environment that is free from fleas, ticks and other pests, which keeps them off your dog or cat and and will prevent the spread of disease.

  • Superior Drainage

If it rains, no problem! Rain water easily drains through the turf at a rate of 30 inches an hour, and because there is no standing water, your pets can use the area right after a storm. If your dog or cat happens to go to the bathroom, the surface can be easily rinsed off with a standard garden hose.

  • Rodents and Other Varmints No Longer a Problem

Moles, gophers, rabbits and other rodents have no desire to dig or tunnel through the backing, so they’ll go elsewhere.

  • Controls Odors

Volcanic ash crystals that SmartGrass® uses are added to each installation, which will reduce 75- 80% of the odors caused by the ammonia in pet waste.

  • Extra Protection

Heavy duty applications are available for added wear and tear protection, when accommodating large sizes or even the most destructive pet.

Is SmartGrass® Dog Friendly?

Pet Turf

Absolutely!…You can enjoy your pets and still have a beautiful lawn. Over 75% of our customers are pet owners and our unique blends are a proven solution for a pooch friendly lawn. Water and any type of liquids will drain right through or they can easily be rinsed off with a standard garden hose.

One of the most important components of our artificial grass is the backing. Our commercial blends are perfect for high trample areas and very active dogs. The backing on our turf is comprised of woven, non- absorbing, polyethylene with our proprietary Flow-thru Technology.

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