Arizona is rapidly becoming the #1 destination for our artificial grass and fake lawn products and installations, with Phoenix being the main destination city within AZ. This comes as little surprise given the climatic conditions in Arizona – Hot and dry with low annual rainfall.

Artificial Grass – Phoenix Arizona Market Assessment

arizona artificial grassThe residential market for artificial grass is still the primary market in and around Phoenix AZ, but the commercial market sector is closing in fast.

Within the residential sector we’ve seen a sharp increase in golf related installations – putting greens, backyard putting greens and even indoor putting greens. To many, the return on investment for a fake-grass putting green can be realized in a few short months. These installations are typically DIY, so the main cost to the homeowner is for material only. The installation requires little additional material over and above the actual turf itself, so again, time/cost is minimized.

Obviously, part of the consideration when evaluating the cost and payback on an artificial turf putting green is the cost of attending a regular golf course and having to pay for access to the greens.

It’s interesting to note that when our representatives meet with people to discuss their new lawn project, many of the costs of maintaining a conventional lawn are overlooked. Once we remind people of the true cost of operating a real grass lawn, the decision to switch to fake grass becomes almost a no-brainer.
The Phoenix area, and AZ in general, has seen a considerable increase in water restrictions over the recent years, and many areas impose financial penalties on home owners who use over a certain amount of water. Those who cut back on water usage then have the costs associated with repairing their lawns after the damage is done. This can be extensive, and it’s typical for reseeding and re-turfing to run to several $thousands per year. Add to this the cost of using lawn maintenance companies for watering, reseeding, mowing, weeding, conditioning etc, and the case for an artificial lawn is quickly made.

What are some of the questions we frequently encounter when talking to people about our products?

Q – Is your SmartGrass© system environmentally friendly?

A – Yes! Very much so. A regular lawn requires chemical treatments such as fertilizers and pesticides. These are proving extremely harsh on the environment and recent studies have also linked pesticide use to the decline of the honeybee population. Bees are critical to the food supply of our nation.

Q – Are there any harmful toxic elements in your synthetic lawns?

A – No! SmartGrass lawns are free from toxins, and free from lead. In fact our products are 100% lead-free and laboratory tested to be proven safe. We understand that kids and pets have a very intimate relationship with our lawns, so it’s important to us to keep your kids and pets safe when using our product!

Q – Can I install your synthetic turf myself?

A – Yes! We encourage home owners to take on the smaller projects themselves, as it invariably brings about a greater sense of pride and satisfaction in the finished product. We can supply you with the know-how to make the installation easy and hassle-free.

Q – Can my artificial grass be installed over rougher terrain and sloped areas?

A – Yes, pretty much any area where a traditional lawn can be maintained is suitable for a SmartGrass© lawn installation. Sloped areas can be accommodated and rough areas utilized with some basic ground preparation. We even have customers who install rooftop lawns and turf directly on top of concrete!

Q – Do you come out to my location to install the fake grass, or do you use local contractors.

A – We directly service the Southern California area, and use our own teams outside of California on larger installations. For the typical residential projects we connect you with a local licensed installation contractor, as this is the most cost-effective method for you. (you avoid the travel costs associated with bringing our own installation crew to your location). When we work through local contractors, we ensure they are experienced in artificial grass installations and we provide them with full instructions and support to get the job done 100% to your satisfaction.

Q – How long does a fake lawn last?

A – The typical lifespan for artificial turf and grass is fifteen to twenty years. This varies a little depending on the application. For example, where SmartGrass© is used decoratively around paved areas, and there’s little or no foot traffic, the grass can last longer. We guarantee our product for 10 years, so you can be assured the longevity will not be a concern.

Q – I’m worried about the safety of artificial grass, will it be OK for my kids to play on or will it burn/graze when they fall on the grass?

A – Our fake grass is very safe! Since this grass is used widely in sporting venues for sports such as Football, soccer and field hockey, it’s important that the grass does not cause cuts and abrasions.

Q – How does your product handle pet urine stains and odors?Pet Turf

A – Very well indeed! We have a section covering pet issues here, but generally, urine patches can be treated with mild detergents and fecal matter cleaned just as you would on a traditional lawn. Our fibers and infill are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, so they prevent the development of odorous gasses.

If you have any specific questions we’d be delighted to hear from you! Simply use the form on our contact page or call us via the toll-free number at the top of this page.

We’re looking forward to having the opportunity of working with you on your artificial grass project!

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