artificial putting green lawn turfAmericans spend an ever increasing percentage of their disposable income on recreational activities. Golf is second only to fishing in the USA on the list of most popular recreational pastimes. In the last 5 years we’ve seen a fairly dramatic increase in sales of our Artificial Grass Systems for use in recreational markets, in particular Golf and Backyard Putting Greens.

Florida sits alongside Arizona and California when it comes to the popularity of Golf; Florida has long been a retirement destination and new home to many ‘snow birds’ who flock to the area to enjoy it’s year-round warm weather conditions. So it stands to reason that Florida consumes a sizable share of the artificial grass and turf market, and that a significant percentage goes towards the creation and beautification of putting greens and golf courses.

Parts of Florida suffer prolonged periods of low-rainfall, high ambient temperature and above average daily sunshine. Most who visit and live in the State hardly see this as ‘suffering’, yet still the prevalent climatic conditions present a real challenge to those who maintain natural grass lawns, be they residential lawns, commercial lawns or putting green / golf turf/lawns.

Putting Greens

There are many golf courses around the State of Florida and many places to practice, including driving ranges and dedicated putting greens. But with the high cost of access, along with transportation costs and having to deal with crowds, it makes a good deal of sense to install a home backyard putting green.

With the development of artificial grass technology, it is now possible to emulate the look and feel of traditional grass on an artificial turf surface. This factor is important to Golfers. It wouldn’t make sense to spend hours practicing putting on an artificial surface, if the touch and feel acquired didn’t carry over to the game. So factors such as blade height and weight, how the weave affects the bounce and recovery of the blade, are important factors when designing synthetic turf for use on a putting green.

putting green turfSmartGrass© are one of a handful of artificial grass and turf manufacturers who have a product custom designed and manufactured for the Golf market.
Our putting green turf is as close as it gets to the real thing, and can be installed quickly, easily and affordably in a wide range of situations. To many, SmartGrass© putting and practice greens represent the ultimate convenience – having a highly effective and visually appealing practice area right there in your own backyard!

What’s Involved in Installing an Artificial Putting Green?

It’s a very simple process. In fact, most of the consideration and cost goes into creating the space and preparing the ground. Installation of the turf is very straightforward. We have articles around our website on ground preparation, including this one here – Preparing the ground for artificial turf which also discusses the cost.

We offer specific guidelines for installing a putting green and ensuring the underlying ground is properly prepared. When installing these synthetic lawns for non Golf related use, the main concern is with having adequate drainage. With a Golf application, there is the added consideration of having the right amount of compliance in the underlying ground, so that you have the same degree of compression and underfoot feel as encountered on a natural grass golf course. This compression and feel will affect the way the ball rolls on the surface, so with a few simple steps we show you how to get this aspect of the installation exactly right.
Of course you can opt to have your artificial grass putting green installed by one of your Landscaping Architects, and we can connect you with installation experts around Florida and nationwide.

synthetic grass costs versus normal grassThe cost of installing a putting green runs at around $8 per sq ft, which is more than the cost of installing traditional grass, but comes with much, much lower maintenance and ongoing cost, so the payback is achieved typically in 3 years or less. For a more detailed look at the costs of artificial turf, read this article.

When people are at the planning stage of a lawn or putting green installation, they tend to have similar questions. These are some of the more common questions we’re asked along the way. If your questions are not answered here, then please feel free to contacts us.

FAQ – Installing a Putting Green or Practice Area

Q – How much does it cost?
A – An artificial grass installation typically runs at around $8 per sq ft, including all surface preparation and depending on any specific surface preparation requirements.

Q – How tough / durable is the turf, will it really hold up as a putting green?
A – SmartGrass© turf is used in some extreme high-traffic applications. For example, several high schools use SmartGrass© turf for playing areas. Sports arenas use our artificial turf for playing surfaces. We’ve performed an ever increasing number of pet related installations such as dog pounds and exercise parks etc. Our turf is extremely durable and resilient.

Q – How long does it last?
A – Depending on the type and frequency of use it can last anywhere up to 25 years.

Q – Does it fade?
A – Our artificial turf and lawn products have in-built UV protection which controls the degree of fade in harsh sun conditions. The rate of fade is far less than 1% per year, so in ten years of direct daily sunlight the degree of fade and color change will be imperceptible to the eye.

Q – How does it handle pet stains?
A – Very well! SmartGrass© turf can easily be cleaned following pet ‘activities’, even dog and cat urine can be easily cleaned and sanitized. The fibers and infill is naturally impervious to the development of bacteria, so the product will not become the source of harsh odors even when used in pet applications.

If you have additional questions, or would like to learn more about our products and receive a no-obligation quote, please contact us today. Our professional representatives are on-hand to help you realize your dream of installing your very own golf practice and putting green!

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