As the title belies, artificial, or ‘fake’ grass, is a synthetic alternative to conventional grass. It is manufactured and sold in sections and can be shipped from our warehouse in California to your location in Arizona, or any other part of the USA. The artificial turf is then laid on prepared ground and pieced together to form a durable, attractive and low-maintenance seamless lawn.

fake lawns in ArizonaBut what is it exactly, and how is it able to resemble real grass?

There are two essential components to any artificial or ‘fake’ grass. The actual fiber material which is designed to emulate the grass blade, and the infill material which acts similarly to the way the soil acts in a conventionally turfed lawn.

Synthetic (Artificial) Grass Blades.

Artificial turf is a weave of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. The actual fiber blades are constructed using Ten Cate yarn. Ten Cate are the established global leader in synthetic grass fibers and supply their product to a number of artificial turf manufacturers.

The fake grass blades are designed with various parameters in mind:

The grass must be safe – no abrasive materials which could cut or burn the skin when falling on the fake grass surface.

The fake grass must be impervious to the environment and able to resist spills, harsh climatic conditions, animal urine, wear and tear, etc.

Blade Recovery
The grass must have a spring-like property so that it recovers following compression.

Fake grass lawns are often installed in neighborhoods adjacent traditional grass lawns, so they must be easy to integrate into their surroundings and blend-in aesthetically.

Odor Resistance
Fake grass needs to have some inherent capacity to repel odors and to avoid becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, which can release odorous gasses.

When it is necessary to clean up spills such as pet mess and other liquids/solids etc, the grass must be easy to clean so that visible stains can be removed from the surface.

Clearly, when used in high-traffic areas, fake grass must be durable and offer sufficient longevity whilst retaining its aesthetic.

A fake lawn must not become water-logged, it must allow sufficient drainage through to the underlying base/floor and allow surface water to be removed without the product becoming negatively affected.

At SmartGrass©, our fake turf scores highly on all of the above criteria.

Our lawn systems drain up to 60 gallons per hour, per square yard. Drainage issues are a thing of the past with any SmartGrass© lawn system.

Furthermore, we are able to offer our product competitively priced so that it is a viable option for businesses large and small, and residential applications, large and small.

Some History

Artificial turf began its life in sports arenas, where traditional grass surface were in use, but proving problematic. Clearly, conventional grass is not durable. The turf and underlying sod becomes damaged during normal use, requiring replacement or reseeding. In certain arenas, where events might be held on consecutive days, the maintenance of a conventional grass turf is highly problematic and extremely costly. Also, domed or covered arenas have the problem of introducing sufficient sunlight into the arena to allow the grass to remain healthy enough between re-turfing.

In this sports arena environment, ‘Astroturf’ as it was originally known, came into its own.

Some of the sports venues using fake turf systems include: Baseball, American football, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and Field hockey.

The Golf market has presented fake grass systems to a wide non-commercial consumer base. Fake turf products are ideal for creating smaller putting greens and netted driving areas within the confines of a residential yard. The costs associated with turfing these relatively small areas are low, and in some installations the grass surface can be removed between use to open up the area for alternative applications.

Using fake grass it is easy to re-create the look and feel of a natural grass golf course or putting green with a very low financial investment.
Our Golf turfs replicate the action of natural grass in terms of ball resistance, putting speeds and the general feel of the putting process. Creating your own private putting green or netted driving area has never been easier – checkout our Putting Green page for more information.

So nowadays, fake lawns can be found in a wide range of non-sports applications, including residential homes. It stands up very well to heavy use and requires no irrigation or trimming and only minimal maintenance. These simple selling points make it appealing to home owners and business owners alike.

artificial turf used around poolsMuch of the nationwide activity for SmartGrass© sales is centered around the hot/dry states, such as California, Nevada and Arizona.

In fact Arizona represent one of our fastest growing market sectors, with many people moving to the State as a Summer retirement base where they partake in outdoor activities such as Golf. We supply many fake grass putting greens into Arizona, second only to the State of California.

We’re also seeing an increase of supply into areas where hot-weather drought brings on municipally enforced water restrictions on a seasonal basis. These areas can often have their water supply restricted and even shut down completely during high-temp / low-rainfall months, so more and more businesses and residences are switching over to our SmartGrass© artificial lawn systems.

Lastly, we’ve seen a recent upsurge in the decorative pool business. SmartGrass© is perfect for trimming the paved areas around swimming pool and jacuzzi installations. It does not get muddy and slippery and is a much more appealing and safe alternative to conventional grass. And with multiple blade styles its easy to install a fake lawn system in and around a traditional system without creating a visual mismatch.

Many people when they contact us for the first time are pleasantly surprised at how hassle-free the process is and at the relatively low costs involved. Of course the initial material and installation cost is easily offset by the reduction in ongoing maintenance costs, and most lawn systems pay for themselves in a couple of years.Artificial turf and lawn systems smartgrass

Artificial grass is also an environmentally friendly alternative to maintaining a traditional lawn. Freedom from chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and other harmful products associated with traditional lawn care, the minimal need for any mechanized maintenance devices such as weed-wackers and lawn mowers etc, and the reduced demand on natural water resources, all add weight to the case for switching your lawn to an artificial grass lawn.

As with any process of this nature, it is important to find a reputable and knowledgeable supplier. At SmartGrass©, we’ll hold your hand throughout all stages of your project to ensure that the end result meets or exceeds your expectations. From design to planning, from measurement to installation, SmartGrass© are on-hand to ensure your project is trouble-free.

To learn more about SmartGrass©, please peruse our website, then contact us using the details below for more information. We would be pleased to have the opportunity of working with you on your new artificial lawn project, and can help you with any application no matter how large or small.

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