SmartGrass© is one of the leading suppliers and installer of artificial turf systems nationwide, with many client installations around the State of California. SmartGrass© offers premium lawn and turf systems for a wide range of applications, including:

  • LawnsArtificial Turf Installs in California by SmartGrass LLC
  • Playgrounds
  • Pool areas
  • Putting Green and Golf applications
  • Parks

California is one of the dryer (low annual rainfall) States in the USA, and alongside states like Nevada, Arizona and Florida, presents the perfect scenario for an artificial turf installation.

Lawn Maintenance

Artificial turf, unlike traditional lawns and turfed areas, requires little to no maintenance. Stains, spills, pet urine etc, can be cleaned up if required by the simple application of water and a mild detergent.

Obviously there are certain applications where it is more desirable to keep the lawn surface clean and stain-free. In these situations SmartGrass© provides simple cleaning and maintenance instructions with all turf and artificial turf installations.

When cleaning up after a spill, or pet stain, for example, it’s easy to remove any solids in much the same way you would with conventional grass. Simply scrape away the dirt or debris, then, if necessary, wipe away any residue with a rag or damp cloth. Then simply dab up any remaining liquids with a paper towel or cloth. For more difficult stains you can utilize a detergent for cleaning the artificial turf. We recommend specific detergents and suggest that you avoid using certain types which may be harmful to the turf fibers and infill.

One of the popular cleaners we recommend for cleaning your artificial lawn is ‘Simple Green’, a relatively mild yet effective cleaning agent. Alternatively a mild solution of ammonia dissolved in water can be effective on many stains. Simply mix around 2-3% solution with regular tap water, then apply liberally to the turf’s synthetic fibers and wipe away stains and debris with a cloth. Rinse off after cleaning and dry if necessary. The above can be effective on pet stains too and the ammonia can help eliminate pet odors.

Where pet stains may darken or stain conventional grass, artificial turf is impervious to pet urine and will not leave a darkened patch or ‘burn stain’. If you have a ‘high-traffic’ area as far as pets are concerned, then we recommend utilizing a good quality enzyme neutralizer to keep pet odors under control.
We can recommend specific products for cleaning your artificial turf installation based on your specific needs. Simply contact one of our representatives and we’ll be happy to share our experiences with you.

Drainage of Artificial Turf

One of the concerns many people have is over drainage. For example, we’ve undertaken projects around the Orange County area of California where the artificial turf was installed over relatively non-porous surfaces. Though predominantly dry conditions prevail in this area, when it rains it can often be a deluge. In these cases the artificial turf behaves much like conventional lawn systems. The makeup of the ‘fake’ turf is such that the fibers facilitate rapid drainage, preventing surface water from collecting in pools.
The water absorption rate is up to 60% better than that provided by real turf, but when there’s a non-porous under-surface, the water will evaporate in much the same way and at a similar rate to a conventional lawn.

If you have specific conditions where flooding occurs frequently, then contact us to speak with a SmartGrass© agent.

Fake turf technology has evolved considerably since the early days of ‘Astroturf’, and it can handle most any application. Our high-profile client list is testament to the quality and effectiveness of our fake turf products, we include such esteemed businesses as Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio and the MGM Grand in our portfolio, and our artificial turf has appeared on dozens of product commercials on mainstream television.

Artificial fake grass and lawns CAYou can rest assured that SmartGrass© has a product suitable for your application and we would would be pleased to have the opportunity of discussing your project with you in person. Simply contact us here or call us on the number at the top of this page to speak with one of our professional agents. We work with clients around the Nation, and can simply supply you with turf sections and rolls for DIY installation or we can connect you with one of our licensed professional installation teams.

For DIY installations we can provide you with guidance in preparation of surfaces, estimating square-footage, and help determining the best practices for handling and installing the artificial turf when it arrives at your location. You do not need to be an expert to install our product in a more straightforward setting. We suggest the basic tools you will need to cut and position the turf and provide complete instructions. For larger, more complex installations we do recommend a professional installer, and can help you locate a company in your area.

We make the entire process smooth and hassle-free and back our artificial turf with a 10 year iron-clad guarantee. So whether you are based locally to us (Sales offices in Newport Beach and Manhattan Beach, California) or elsewhere in the USA, we can work with you to satisfy your project requirements.

We recommend you browse our website to acquaint yourself with some of the facts and information on artificial turf systems using the menu at the top of this page. Then please contact us here:

SmartGrass©, LLC, 3857 Birch street Suite 203, Newport Beach, CA 92660
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SmartGrass, LLC 3857 Birch street Suite 203, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Toll-Free Outside CA – 844-H2O-SAVE (844-426-7283 ) 310-678-7467 (In California)