As a dog owner, you understand the problems of trying to maintain a traditional grass lawn. Unless you have a large, sprawling yard, your lawn probably looks threadbare and worn-out from various pet activities.

Inner-city homes located in hotter regional climates are generally the worst affected. In fact, our main markets for synthetic turf products for pets are Los Angeles CA, Phoenix Arizona, and across the state of Florida.

SmartGrass© artificial lawns offer a viable solution for pet owners.

Pet Turf installations in FloridaBy installing fake grass, you can easily control and manage your lawned area with simple cleaning and picking up after pets. The products are strong, safe and durable, and intrinsically bacteria (odor) free.

If you own a home in Florida, SmartGrass© have a team of licensed contractors on-hand to assist with the planning and installation of your new artificial grass lawn. We operate nationwide through skilled professional contractors, and no job is too large or too small.

Let’s Take a Look at How a Fake Grass Installation Can Work for You

The challenge of maintaining a lawn utilized by pets, generally includes the following issues –

Pet Urine and Feces
On a conventional lawn, dog and cat urine burns and stains the grass and leaves behind bacteria which forms odors, mold, fungus and mildew. Once the lawn is stained and burned, it’s generally difficult to re-seed the affected area without digging out a fairly large section of turf. After which your lawn will always look patchy or ‘quilted’.

With fake grass, management and maintenance is far simpler. Solids can be scraped from the surface of the grass in much the same way that you would manage solids on real grass. The residues can be scrubbed away using a mild detergent.

The synthetic turf and the infill are impervious to the formation of bacteria and mold, so they will not promote the growth of odorous bacteria even if the stain isn’t cleaned.

Furthermore, our fake grass will not stain when exposed to pet urine.

So with some simple maintenance, no more than you would perform now when cleaning up after your dog, you can keep your lawn looking clean and well cared for.

Digging Holes / Burying

fake turf and artificial grass for petsSmartGrass© fake turf is extremely tough. The synthetic fibers are bound into a weave at the base of the fibers and the whole weave surrounded and bonded together by the infill. All of this is extremely strong and impervious to anything other than the most determined attempt to break through the weave. Since these are not soil products, pets are generally disinterested in trying to dig through the fake lawn. We have very few instances of pet damage; and remember, our products are backed by a 10 year guarantee.

Our products fit perfectly for areas utilized by dogs and other pets. So much so that we’ve installed fake lawns in dog parks and other high-traffic areas utilized predominantly by pets and other animals. [visit our page on Pet Turf]

Installation Considerations for Pet Systems – When laying the turf in areas designated specifically for pets, we do have certain recommendations concerning the preparation of the under-surface. Simple steps to assist natural drainage will help to prevent odors from urine which becomes trapped between the surface of the ground and the underside of the fake turf panels.
To keep the area clean and odor-free it is important to install a proper drainage system that supports the turf weave and infill system in draining liquids entering through the top surface. This simple surface preparation is important in high-use pet and K9 applications, though less so for general lawns and other applications.

The key design features which make SmartGrass© the #1 choice artificial pet turf are as follows:

1 – Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection inherent in the design and construction of the fake turf.
2 – Organic infill, no rubber products.
3 – High efficiency flow-through design of the blades, weave and infill.
4 – Durable, safe and effective for Dogs and other pet use.

One of the exciting and most understated features of our pet turf is that dogs love it!dog turf and artificial grass

There’s a natural cushion affect in our products making it comfortable and therapeutic for dogs. It’s easy on their bones and joints and particularly beneficial to older K9’s with arthritic problems.

We have many testimonials from Florida residents who’ve taken the time to write to us and voice their appreciation for our Pet Turf systems. Dogs love to roll and play on SmartGrass© products and love the fact that their new play area is clean and free from odors, mold and bacteria.
Keeping the dog pound and play areas clean is the first step to maintaining the health and happiness of your pet – another important justification in the decision to install a SmartGrass© artificial turf system for your dogs and pets!

Contact our representatives to learn more about ground preparation and installation for pet areas. Our staff are trained professionals and on-hand to support you through all stages of your project. We’ll help you select the right product, prepare the ground, measure the area, then install the turf for a long and trouble-free lifespan.

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