SmartGrass© fake lawn systems are the perfect low-maintenance solution for any commercial business. SmartGrass© boast a broad portfolio of commercial installations, including some of the most prestigious businesses in the USA.
Our fake lawn and artificial turf products have been seen on National TV and are prominent and permanent features at numerous business locations including offices, recreational areas, pools and sports arenas. Our range of clients spans the US and includes, prominent locations around the State of California. [for commercial fake lawn installations, click here].

Why Fake Grass?

There are a number of reasons to go with a fake grass installation, what makes most sense to you will depend on your specific requirements and your physical location.

Impervious to climatic conditions – perhaps the number one selling point for our fake lawns is lack of any requirement for rainwater. In hot, dry, arid conditions, the cost of maintaining a conventional lawn can be significant. Not to mention the cost of lawn/turf replacement when water-usage restrictions are enforced in your area.
With an artificial turf system, these are problems of the past. Our products require no water and will not suffer from intense sunlight or any naturally occurring high-ambient temperatures.

Minimal Maintenance – Businesses pay a high price for lawn maintenance, and in the warmer climatic conditions prevalent in States such as California, Nevada, Florida, New Mexico and the Southern States, this can be a year-round maintenance cost.
The actual maintenance requirement of a synthetic lawn will vary based on your specific set of circumstances. For example, is the fake grass in a highly trafficked area or not? Is the fake grass accessible to animals? Is the installation utilized for sporting events?
(If you require information based on your specific circumstances, please contact us and ask to speak with a representative).

Aesthetic Appeal – there is no question that a fake grass installation can be consistently more aesthetically pleasing than a conventional lawn. Obviously with a conventional lawn it will suffer from seasonal variations, dry weather conditions, Winter drop-off etc. With an artificial lawn you can rest assured that it will look great year-round.

Choosing the Right Product

Artificial turf and lawn systems smartgrassAt SmartGrass© we offer a number of styles so we can provide a product with a close visual match to your surroundings. The actual fake turf is comprised of woven synthetic fibers with an organic infill product embedded between the fiber mesh. The synthetic fibers are available in different styles to give each turf-type a natural appearance which can be matched into a variety of location types. The key is to create an artificial lawn which is not out of place in its specific environment, and our technicians can help you choose the right type of product for your specific location.

Also, when you shop around for products its important to note the differences between the various artificial grass manufacturers. Not only is our SmartGrass© fiber significant, but also the infill. Most manufacturers use a rubber-based infill, which has little or no control with how the turf reacts to spills, pet urine and other harsh elements.
Our organic based infill has natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which help to effectively neutralize the ingress of foreign elements. This helps to prevent unwanted odors from developing on the turf, and also helps with water dissipation during rainfall.

Fake Lawns – Offices
Our products can be found in many office complexes, commercial/business centers etc, in and around the State of California. Our hassle-free product lends itself perfectly to the exterior of office buildings, where minimal traffic results in virtually zero maintenance.
Most commonly we see commercial office locations using our fake grass products in non-access areas. For example, turfed areas around pathways, decorative planted areas etc, are commonly laid with fake grass. In these situations the only maintenance required is to occasionally brush the synthetic fibers to restore their luster, and to remove/clean any solid debris from the fibers.

Around Pools / Jacuzzis
Our fake lawns are used by a number of hotels around California and Nationwide. Prominent hotel properties in locations such as Newport Beach, Santa Clara County and Marin County, utilize SmartGrass© artificial turf for lawns, around walkways etc, and commonly as decorative relief around paved pool areas. SmartGrass© turf offers a 60% superior water dissipation rate than a conventional turf lawn, ensuring run-off and drainage issues are a thing of the past. With low maintenance, SmartGrass© is the perfect alternative to traditional grass in a wide variety of commercial situations.

CA artificial turf businessRecreational Areas / Parks
Many municipalities around the country are looking for ways to reduce operational overhead. Installing a fake lawned area in parks and public grounds is fast becoming a key way to cut back on operating costs. [Learn More about artificial turf for parks and playgrounds]

Clearly the use of synthetic turf products has a place in many commercial and residential situations. If you think your business might benefit from this approach then we invite you to contact us and speak with one of our representatives, or contact us using the form here.

In a few short minutes we can help identify your needs, look at turf style options, determine the coverage area and provide you with a competitive obligation-free quote. Our team of licensed installation contractors can install the turf at your location or you can make your own arrangements for installation. We are always happy to provide you with a list of contacts in your area and help your contractor with installation specifics when the time arrives.

Beautify the exterior of your commercial space and reduce your operating and maintenance costs with a SmartGrass© fake-grass installation!

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