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Nevada has seen an upsurge in the transition from natural to artificial lawns, along with other States including California, Arizona and Florida.

artificial landscape lawnsNevada has extreme weather conditions, making the use and upkeep of a natural lawn extremely problem-plagued and expensive. Landscape turf is generally installed in new home installations at the request of the homeowner / buyer, but where homes are constructed prior to sale, there has historically been a lag in the move to artificial turf products. That appears to be changing and Nevada is a good example of this new trend.
Home designers and builders are now advocating the switch to artificial turf on homes and commercial properties which are built on specification. The additional cost of a synthetic lawn is generally something that a homebuilder would want to avoid, particularly when the home is built on spec without a buyer. However, with the popularity of Artificial Turf increasing, and its acceptance becoming more widespread, home designers and builders are viewing artificial lawns as a marketing opportunity and an opportunity to secure a premium price for the property.

Clearly the above reflects a major shift in perception amongst the buying public. Where artificial grass was once considered to be the domain of large sports arenas, it is now becomingly widely accepted into residential applications. Given the fact that the initial outlay is greater than that for a natural grass lawn, there must obviously be some benefits to going ‘fake’ and those benefits most be great enough to justify the premium up-front cost investment.

So what are there benefits and are they real?

The main selling points for artificial grass are –

1 – Low ongoing maintenance requirement.
2 – Durable and long-lasting
3 – Pet friendly
4 – Kid and playground friendly
5 – Aesthetically pleasing
6 – Affordable

Let’s take a quick look at those points is more detail:

Low Ongoing Maintenance Requirement.

Clearly, in a hot/dry State such as Nevada, this is a significant issue. Maintaining a natural grass lawn in arid conditions can be an extremely costly exercise, one which takes an enormous toll on the environment.
Artificial Lawns are relatively maintenance free, require only occasional brushing and spot-cleaning.

Durable and Long Lasting.

A natural grass lawn will wear, it will require re-seeding and quite often replanting/replacing in its entirety. Synthetic lawns look great all the time, regardless of ambient weather conditions. They last anywhere up to 25 years and exhibit very little color fade even in harsh sunlight conditions.
They do not rip, tear or fall apart, even when used in pet applications.

Pet Friendlyfake turf and artificial grass for pets

Landscaped lawns using artificial turf are pet friendly, we design them that way. You can easily clean-up after pets and they’ll resist your pet’s urges to dig and bury. They’re clean, safe and impervious to pet odors.

Kid and playground friendly

Kids love our lawns because they’re safe, clean and resistant to the typical antics of an adolescent child! Commercial playground applications favor artificial turf for the same reasons, and the fact that it can last up to 25 years with very little maintenance, makes it extremely desirable to municipalities looking to control maintenance and staffing costs.

Aesthetically pleasing

Synthetic turf looks great. With a variety of grass types we can help you select a turf style that will work well in your specific environment. Artificial turf need not look out of place when installed alongside natural grass.


Though initial investment is higher than natural grass, payback on your investment can be had in under 3 years, when ongoing maintenance is factored for. [cost analysis]

All of the above makes having a synthetic landscaped turf / lawn an attractive proposition for builders, designers and homeowners alike.

Synthetic Play Ground Turf, Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Clearly when improving an existing home, the investment into an artificial lawn needs to make commercial sense too. Just like installing a new and improved kitchen, installing a new and improved lawn can add value to your property. When home-buyers take a pre-purchase look at the ongoing expense associated with maintaining their new home, the cost of landscaping upkeep is not insignificant. An artificial lawn can save hundreds of dollars per month in costs and is therefore an important selling point when listing a home on the property market.

So with many important and easy justifications for moving to a synthetic lawn, why not start the process today with a free, no-obligation quote from SmartGrass©.

The process is straightforward, we’ve been through it many times and we can help you at all stages of the project. Clearly, the planning stage is important, ensuring that your area is adequately prepared, that you purchase the correct type and the correct amount of turf, and that you or your chosen landscaper is fully conversant with how to install the product when it arrives.

The cost of shipping artificial turf products across the nation, from our base here in California, is not as one might think, cost-prohibitive. We have relationships with several shipping / transportation companies and we can get the product to your door for a surprisingly reasonable cost.

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