SmartGrass© is one of the nationwide leaders in artificial grass products and installation. We offer a choice of artificial grass styles for various applications and work directly with homes and businesses. Our products are safe, durable, effective and provide a 15-20 year alternative to conventional lawn/grass installations. We supply our products nationwide and have licensed installation contractors in most US States, including Nevada.

At SmartGrass© we’ve encountered a broad range of applications in a wide range of environmental conditions, and we’ve never once come across a scenario where our artificial grass did not provide a far superior solution to conventional lawns/turf.

Since the early days of Astroturf, synthetic lawns/turf have evolved considerably and now offer a viable and cost-effective solution for any type of installation, including residential.

artificial turf NVIn the early years of fake grass installations, the cost of the turf was prohibitive and only higher profile businesses such as sports arenas could utilize the products and justify the expense. Nowadays it makes financial sense to replace a traditional lawn with our fake grass products, particularly in dry States such as California and Nevada.
Climatic conditions in Nevada, with its high Summer temperatures and low levels of rainfall, make this and other dryer States perfect for our artificial grass systems. Laying, maintaining, repairing a resurfacing a conventional lawn can run at a significantly higher cost than the one-time cost associated with artificial or ‘fake’ grass (turf). And of course, with a range of different fiber styles to choose from, we can provide you with a lawn which is not only safe and durable, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Residential Artificial Grass Installations.

Kids love to play on SmartGrass© lawns, as do pets! The synthetic fibers that go into making our turf are safe and non-abrasive, so they do not scar and burn the skin the way that other artificial fibers do. And if you’re concerned about having a small lawn area utilized by kids and pets, don’t be! Where a conventional lawn can quickly become worn out by a couple of active kids and/or pets, our artificial grass stays just as attractive as the day you installed it!

With simple maintenance, you can keep a fake lawn in great condition for many years. Simple post-use maintenance like removal of debris and cleaning up after pets, along with brushing of the synthetic fibers, keeps your lawn looking every bit as good as a freshly laid conventional lawn, and far, far more attractive than a worn-out conventional lawn!

nevada artificial lawns NVWe’ve covered some basic maintenance routines in our article – [Artificial Turf California]. In addition to the cleaning practices recommended in that article, we suggest simple brushing of the turfed area, occasionally, after use. The degree of use will determine how often you need to brush the turf to help restore its aesthetic properties. The brushing process can be considered alongside the practice of having to mow a conventional turf lawn (please do not mow our artificial lawns!) to keep it looking neat. Quite simply, the process of brushing the fake grass separates matted synthetic fibres and restores the luster of the lawn surface. Along with cleaning, this basic maintenance will ensure you get maximum longevity from your fake lawn and that it retains its aesthetic appeal throughout its lifespan.

Residential lawn installations we’ve performed in and around the State of Nevada include:

  • Turfed Playgrounds / Kids play areas
  • Practice and Putting Green artificial lawns
  • Fake turf around paved areas and around pools and jacuzzis.
  • Conventional lawned areas replaced with artificial grass
  • Turfed roofs and other non-floor surfaces
  • Spot-turf, where we create smaller more decorative installations for apartment balconies, etc.

Regardless of the specifics of the application, SmartGrass© has an artificial grass solution for you. As premier suppliers of fake grass in the State of Nevada, we can supply you with the turf, shipped straight to your door for a Do-It-Yourself installation, or we can match you up with one of our Nevada State-licensed installation contractors.

Thinks to consider about installation – DIY Versus a NV Licensed Professional Installer.

In most applications, SmartGrass© turf can be installed by any competent person with a penchant for DIY. Obviously there are certain requirements relating to surface preparation, and this is covered in our installation guide. The turf will be supplied with instructions for cutting and laying, and we’ll recommend that you have basic tools on hand for the turf installation.
Placing turf around non-rectangular objects requires some cutting and shaping, and basically some care and patience on your behalf.
Obviously with an artificial grass lawn installation, you don’t have the time pressures associated with laying conventional turf. You can spend all the time you need in preparing the surface/ground, laying out the turf rolls and sections, and cutting the turf for a seamless installation.
Should you make a mistake or a size miscalculation, we can send out additional turf sections that will be the perfect match for your lawn!

With a variety of fiber types to choose from, we can match most aesthetic requirements to ensure that your lawn style blends with the surrounding environment.

Examples of our lawn fiber types are:artificial grass

Each turf style/type has a specific face weight, blade length, color,  thatch style and yarn type, providing you with the most flexible range of styling options from any artificial grass/turf supplier.

Turf Infill

You can consider the infill as the ‘soil’ of the turf. The infill is a critical component of the turf and in our case is a 100% bio-degradable organic ash material. The advantage of the SmartGrass© infill over more conventional rubber-based infills is that our product is anti-bacterial, anti- microbial and impervious to moisture ingress.

The infill utilizes a synthetic honey-comb arrangement which absorbs, neutralizes and disperses moisture and odors, and prevents the formation of odorous gasses and the development of odorous bacteria.
Thus when compared to the less effective rubber-based infills, our organic material provides for a much safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and a lower maintenance artificial grass system.

To learn more about SmartGrass© and to discuss your application with one of our technicians, call us today Toll-Free 844-H2O-SAVE (844-426-7283 ).
We can learn about your specific application, discuss various options, and provide you with a no-obligation quotation for your new artificial grass lawn. If you choose to work with us, we can supply you directly with the turf then connect you with a professional installer in Nevada, or any other location in the USA.

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