For anyone who resides in the Newport Coast area, we have an installation team that can custom install an artificial grass lawn to your exact specifications. Simply call our offices, and we will schedule a visit, answer any questions that you have about an artificial turf installation, and drop off some complimentary samples.

Artificial Turf, Fake Lawns installed in Newport Coast, CaSmart Grass has been in the “ fake grass “ business for over a decade, and have installed our proprietary blend of artificial turf in hundreds of homes and businesses in the Newport Coast area. Some of the areas that we have serviced in Newport Coast and the neighboring areas are; Turtle Ridge, Pelican Ridge, and artificial turf installations in Crystal Cove and Pelican Hill.  We have also installed fake lawns in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Emerald bay and Pelican Hill.

Due to the varying needs for an artificial grass lawn, we have several different blends to offer, depending on your situation. If you have pets that spend a lot of time outside, and they have a tendency to damage your lawn and drag dirt into your home, we have several different pet turf blends to choose from. A fake lawn for dogs is a great investment, because the home owner will save on maintenance costs, such as applying new sod and re-seeding. In addition to saving on maintenance costs, your artificial lawn will stay green and beautiful all year ‘round!
If you’re a homeowner in Newport Coast or Newport Beach that would like an artificial lawn for kids installed, that is one of our specialties. Our Smart Grass professionals can use a “ kid safe “ type blend, that is softer on the skin, non-allergenic, and dirt and mud free, so your kids stay happy, healthy and clean! We  can also install a padding type material underneath of the turf, which provides a softer landing area in the event that your kids may slip or fall, while running or playing on their play sets. No more grass stains on their jeans, and less laundry for Mom!

Artificial Turf- Why Use a Professional?

On occasion we have had homeowners in Newport Beach ask us, “ Can I install the turf myself?
Understandably, we understand why a homeowner may want to do this. However, we recommend using a professional installer, as it takes an experienced hand to apply a proper installation. If not installed correctly, the homeowner will most always see seams on certain areas of the lawn. A professional installer has the expertise to apply the “ fake grass “ correctly, so the end result is a beautiful, seamless lawn that will add definite curb appeal to your home or business.

Artificial Turf Newport CoastAdditionally, if the artificial grass is not applied correctly, the homeowner could have drainage problems in the event of a down pour. There are other factors when installing fake grass, such as applying infill, direction of the blades, and putting down a proper base. We realize the desire to keep costs down – however, a fake grass lawn is something that can last for 20 years or more, so we recommend making a slightly bigger investment in the beginning. Having your artificial turf  installed correctly the first time, will insure a huge return on your investment and many years of enjoyment when spending time outside.
If you’re a home or business owner desiring a an artificial grass lawn, and reside in the 92657, 92660, or 92651 zip code areas, please contact us today for a free estimate and evaluation of your home or business.

Did you Know?

The development of Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach has come a long way over the years. Before artificial grass was even thought of, Newport was first starting to develop as a tourist destination in 1906. The beautiful and historic Balboa Pavilion was completed at that time, and is still use today. The pavilion is one of the most prominent landmarks in Newport Beach and was used for many things over the years, including a  post office, art museum, bowling alley, Ballroom, gambling establishment, boat rides and a several other marine and  recreational activities

Because of the beautiful cliffs and amazing panoramic views of the ocean, the 92625 area in Newport was named, “ Corona Del Mar ”, which literally means “ Jewel of the Sea “ in Spanish.
In 1910, the McFadden family sold Newport Beach, Balboa and Lido island for an amazing low $35,000!
Today, Newport Beach and the surrounding areas are one of the most desired places to live in the entire world, and is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

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