Any home, no matter how clean, can provide a hidden breeding ground for odor-releasing bacteria. The sources of the bacteria and smells can vary depending on the location and activity within the home, but it can almost certainly include some or all of the following –

  1. Odors from dogs, cats and other pets – dog / cat urine and feces odors
  2. Odors from ingress of debris and other foreign material into the home
  3. Scents and odors from older / worn carpeting, furnishings and fabrics
  4. Scents and odors from mice and other vermin
  5. Odors from high-traffic area on flooring and carpeting
  6. General scents and smells from storage and pantry areas in kitchens

For many of us who share our living space with pets, it’s easy to become desensitized to the various odors they leave behind. Even when you actively clean-up after your pet, their particular odor leaves a trace on the home environment. The odor can come from accidents (involving urine and feces), from ‘stuff’ which has be carried inside from outdoors on paws and fur, and from that ‘wet-dog’ smell which is a common factor with all dogs, no matter the extent to which you might go to in trying to prevent it.

So all pets contribute to unpleasant odors in the home, and it’s common for humans to become desensitized to their presence – hence the term ‘nose blindness’. And it isn’t just pets who create odors in the home. As listed above, mice, insects, old carpeting, kitchen storage area etc, are all areas of a home which can attract and breed unwanted smells.

A way to identify that you’ve become blind to the smells in your home environment is to close the house up (doors and windows), as you do when taking a vacation for example, leave the home then return a few hours later. The longer the interval between leaving and returning to the home the more you will pick up on certain lingering smells.

Obviously, visitors to your home are not desensitized and will detect any lingering pet smells instantly.

So it’s clear that you need to do all that you can to remove these odors, and the best way is to treat accidents as soon as they happen, with a powerful anti-microbial odor-eliminating agent, such as Uricide. You can eliminate all pet urine smells quickly and safely from home carpeting, furnishings, even artificial lawns, with Uricide.

remove pet smells from urine

Uricide works is a different way than many of the other commercially available pet odor removers on the market, it works at a microbial level. When you consider that pet urine and feces, along with most of the foreign agents which are brought into the home by your pets, are actually ‘living organisms’, it makes sense to eliminate them at a biological / microbial level – to kill the source of the odors.

Where competing products disguise odors and replace them at their root with alternative odors deemed more pleasing to the nose, Uricide stamps out the odors by killing the bacteria which is core to their cause. And it does so in a safe and effective manner, using natural ingredients which are safe to the home, the environment and the home occupants – pets and humans alike. Furthermore, Uricide is biodegradable, so it will not leave behind a toxic footprint on the environment.

Uricide primary benefits –

1 – Deals effectively with pet odors and stains

2 – Safe for pets, safe for kids, safe for the environment

3 – Can be used on almost any surface – clothes, carpets, furnishings, lawns and more.

4 – Non toxic and biodegradable

Uricide utilizes living organisms – live bacteria that actually consume waste particles, converting them into safe bi-products. Since pet stains and odors are essentially living bacteria, the only effective way to eliminate them completely is to destroy the bacteria at the root of their cause. And Uricide works just as well on other types of odors, even those as powerful as skunk odors. If walls or floors in basements or garages are sprayed with skunk odors, a single treatment with Uricide can rid the entire area of smells quickly and permanently. You can also eliminate smells from mice and other vermin, both from their feces and from their decomposing carcases. [Read more about skunk odor elimination and mice odor removal]

We guarantee that Uricide will work effectively in your home, on the widest range of surfaces available, including wood, linoleum, fabric and leather furniture, concrete, plastic, clothing, artificial and real grass and much more. If you have a specific indoor/outdoor odor issue that you’re dealing with and it is not listed here, please contact us.

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