If you’re one of the many users of artificial turf / ‘fake grass’ products around the nation, you may be familiar with the problem of dealing with pet odor smells in fake turf. Dog and cat urine smells can be a particular problem with fake grass installations and it’s important to catch and treat the odor-affected areas as quickly as possible, before the smells become a real and persistent problem.

remove pet smells from urine

Eliminate Pet Urine Odors

When a dog or cat sprays an area on an artificial lawn it can attract other animals to do the same. The urine from pets leads to a powerful ammonia smell which is essentially caused by live bacteria in the animal’s pee. This bacteria can grow and multiply rapidly in the environment provided by a fake grass and artificial lawn, and it needs to be eradicated as quickly as possible.

Of course not all artificial lawn systems are created equal. If your fake grass installation uses our SmartGrass turf, then you already have the most effective barrier against pet odors and urine smells. Our odor-neutralizing infills are affective against these harmful bacteria and our synthetic grass blades are resistant to the acidic properties of pet urine, but it’s still important to clean up after your pets and to neutralize their odors.

For this task we highly recommend ‘Uricide‘ for all fake grass installations, be they SmartGrass lawns or artificial turf from other suppliers.

The process for cleanup is quite simple. Remove the debris then clean the affected area with a solution of mild detergent. Then, simply apply Uricide to the area to eliminate the pet urine smell.

When we developed Uricide we did so with three key goals in mind –

1 – Pet Odor Elimination

Pet odors are perhaps the strongest and most persistent odor you will encounter in any household, and they can be just as Completely Eliminate mice Odorsprominent outdoors on lawns and fake grass. Unlike a chemical or detergent spill, pet odors are derived from living bacteria which can multiply and spread. This makes treating the source of the odor with an effective biological agent, critical. Any product which can eliminate pet odors can cope with other odors which might arise in a typical home environment, and Uricide is the leading product on the market today for dealing with pet odors!

2 – Occupant Safety

We understand that safety is an important concern in any household – safety of the occupants, be they adults, small children or pets. We believe it’s of critical importance to avoid laying down a chemical agent in the home or on an artificial lawn which has the capacity to be harmful to those who come into direct contact. Though this might seem obvious, and it is to us, you would be surprised at how many of the alternative brand pet odor eliminator manufacturers consider this of little consequence.

Studying the labels on other odor elimination products you will see a host of potentially lethal chemicals/toxins and carcinogens employed to deal with odors, indoor and out. These chemicals can be skin irritants, cause difficulties for the respiratory system when inhaled, and have, in some cases, been linked with the formation of cancerous cells in laboratory animals.

At Uricide we firmly believe that any product used in a home environment should be safe to all users of the home and to the environment itself.

Considering the type of use encountered with a home lawn, be it natural grass or fake grass / artificial turf, it is essential to treat and eliminate pet urine odors using only natural and safe products.


3 – Repeat Soiling Prevention

It’s peculiar to us to see that some products contain ingredients which might actually promote re-soiling of affected areas by pets. We believe that any pet odor elimination product should not only remove smells from pet urine and feces, but also create a barrier to discourage repeat offenders!

With Uricide you can rest assured that the clean-up process will remove odors and also help to prevent new issues from occurring in treated areas.

With Uricide you can be confident that you are purchasing a product which is effective at removing pet urine odors from fake grass and other surfaces, is safe for the occupants of the home and the environment, and is one which will discourage your pets from repeating their mistakes on treated areas.

Because Uricide is formulated from safe and non-toxic ingredients it can be used (according to the directions) safely for the elimination of pet odors / smells on carpets, furnishings, driveways, lawns, artificial turf, clothing and more. It can treat and eliminate the odors from pet urine and pet feces, along with elimination of the classic ‘wet-dog’ smells which invade so many pet owners’ households!

And Uricide can be used on all manner of odors around the home, garage, workshop, basement, car, storage area etc. It is safe skunk odor removerand effective for people wanting to rid their homes from the smell of mice feces, pet vomit and even skunk smells can be eradicated with Uricide.

Remember, as a pet owner you will invariably develop what we term ‘nose blindness’ to the smells in your home. Becoming accustomed to ever-present smells and odors desensitizes your system and you quickly lose the capacity to recognize odors in your own environment which are instantly recognizable to any visitors to your home.

With Uricide you can be confident in a product which effectively eliminates pet odors at a biological level, removing the harmful bacteria and preventing your pets from re-soiling affected areas.

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