Many of us at one time or another have shared our homes and living space with mice. It doesn’t matter if your home is in a rural location or in the city, mice will enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home regardless of your zipcode!

One of the more overlooked problems with mice is that even after you’ve managed to rid yourself of these pests, their odor remains.

Removing odors / smells from mice and other vermin in the home.Mice feces and urine is deposited in the most inaccessible areas of the home and in many instances is difficult to locate and remove. Typical places for mice to defaecate include storage cabinets, behind appliances such as fridges, cookers, dishwashers etc, basements, lofts/attics, garages and more.

Riding yourself of odors from mice and other vermin can be a difficult task, particularly if you’re unable to locate their nests and main breeding areas. It is made more difficult when you resort to using poisons to exterminate vermin. Poisons invariably mean that you’ll be unable to retrieve and remove the corpse, as the rodent may expire some time after exposure to the poison and may have moved some distance from the trap.

Conventional mechanical mouse-traps are the preferred option for pest control as you will have access to the corpse and can dispose of it cleanly.

So it’s important to understand that the extermination methods you choose to control mice and vermin can be leading to the subsequent odors caused by their decay. On average it can take around one month for larger rodents to fully decompose to the point where they no longer create odors. This process can take place in basements, behind food storage areas, within walls and rafters, in heating and ventilation systems and generally within any difficult to access areas around the home.

If you can locate the source of the odor, but cannot access the corpse for removal, then you can mitigate the issue by using odor eliminating products such as Uricide. Uricide when applied directly to an affected area can eliminate all smells completely by neutralizing the odor-causing bacteria.

Using the spray applicator on Uricide should allow you to dose affected areas even when you cannot gain easy access to remove debris. Spraying carefully behind cabinets and appliances, into ventilation ducts and into wall cavities etc, can help eliminate odors from rodent corpses and their feces / urine.

Likewise if you happen upon an accessible nesting area, you can remove all of the physical debris then treat the area with Uricide to remove all traces of odor from mice and other vermin. Even skunk odors can be eliminated by Uricide, as can smells from dog and cat urine.

As always it’s important to use safe methods when using any odor removal substances and to avoid contaminating areas used for cooking and food storage. If you’re applying heavy doses of Uricide or other odor removal products then wear gloves and avoid contact with eyes.

Here is a message we received from a customer a while back, along with our response, which you may find useful:

Dear Uricide,

I live on the outskirts of town and every Fall we’re inundated with field mice! In spite of restricting their access to food as best we can, they enter through the basement and eventually find their way into the kitchen and into our main living space.

This year has been extremely problematic as it seems they’ve found their way into the heating system. My husband has found insulation formed into a nest and other signs of rodent activity in the crawl space and in the loft.

Also, using a flashlamp he’s been able to identify a nest within a ventilation duct which is inaccessible and we think may be the main cause of a terrible odor coming through the heating ducts! I think a mouse or other large rodent (possibly squirrel?) has expired in the ducting and the smell is horrible!

We’ve also seen a lot of mouse droppings inside of kitchen cabinets and on countertops.

The smells are unpleasant and it’s noticeable when walking into our home. Do you have any suggestions on how we can take back control from packs of angry field mice!


Jenny H

Dear Jenny,

We’re sorry to hear of your problems with mice and potentially larger rodents gaining access to your home. We understand the issues which can arise this time of year and the subsequent odor-removal tasks they leave behind for home-owners.

As our expertise is odor-removal, and not specifically vermin prevention, we suggest that you research ‘vermin prevention’ and possibly hire a professional exterminator to eliminate these problems in your home.

Completely Eliminate mice OdorsBut as a general rule we prefer mechanical traps over poison, as with a mechanical trap you’ll always have a corpse which you can safely remove and dispose. The problem with poison traps is that the mice take the bait then wander off and die behind kitchen cabinets and in other inaccessible areas. You can’t access their remains so you have to endure the odor from the corpse throughout the full decay cycle, which can be a month or more.

Obviously a major part of your pest control strategy should be to eliminate their food source as best you can. Ensure there are no open food sources on counter-tops, in cupboards / pantries etc. Never leave any used dishware on counter-tops or in sinks overnight and ensure you have a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid. Those are basic steps everyone can take to mitigate and minimize pest odor issues.

For cleanup and odor removal, we recommend you treat all affected areas with Uricide. You can use the spray applicator to spray into the ducting that you mentioned and also spray behind appliances and cupboards, where accessible. If as you suggest, there’s a lingering odor associated with mice / vermin in your home, or even just pet odors, then you can lift this odor by spot-treating all affected areas and by applying Uricide minimally to carpeting and furnishings. It will kill the odor-causing bacteria and leave behind a mild and pleasant aroma.

Obviously the main focus should be on prevention and eliminating the root cause of the problem, but for treating odor issues after the event, there’s no better option than with Uricide.

Good luck!


If you have any questions about removing specific odors from your home, contact us today, we’d be happy to assess your situation to see if Uricide can help.  If you’re ready to get started with eliminating those lingering and persistent odors around your home, office, basement, garage, car, boat or storage facility, then order a bottle or two of Uricide here!

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