There are many home-made recipes for removing skunk smells and odors. They work with varying degrees of effectiveness, usually on the lower end of the effectiveness scale. Before we give you a fail-safe skunk odor removal method, let’s take a look at some of the issues.

The skunk releases one of the most powerful and potent odors in the animal kingdom.skunk odor remover

If you’ve ever passed a skunk roadkill in your car, to have the odor completely consume the car interior, you’ll know exactly what we mean! Pet urine odor removal is a simple task when compared to that of ridding an area soiled by a skunk.

Here’s the scenario – imagine a live skunk becoming trapped in your basement, garden shed or garage, and releasing its odor in a confined space. The smell will be completely over-powering and you’ll need a very potent means of removing the odor from the contaminated area.

What exactly is that ‘skunk smell?’

The skunk smell is actually emitted from their anal scent glands and is done so   generally as a defensive weapon against other animals and potential assailants. The gland produces a powerful blend of sulfur based chemicals which deliver the highly offensive odor. This odor alone is powerful enough to ward off attacks from predatory animals and birds. Even bears are detracted from attacking skunks due to the potency of their odor, which can be detected by the human nose for up to one mile from the point of origin.

The chemical is actually emitted as a spray, and when animals venture close enough to the skunk they become the direct target for the spray. Unfortunately for pets and their owners, it isn’t unusual for both dogs and cats to return home having been the victim of a skunk encounter. And if a skunk becomes trapped inside of your basement or garage, it will invariably become ‘panicked’ and begin to spray its surroundings to create a defensive perimeter.

Treating skunk spray and smells to remove the odor.

Obviously the skunk spray will contaminate anything which it contacts and the affected area/surface needs to be treated / neutralized quickly. You can do this utilizing various home-made skunk odor removal remedies, but the most potent skunk odor eliminator commercially available is Uricide.

Use the hydro-sprayer on Uricide and spray the product directly on to the affected surface. Use Uricide to treat / remove skunk odors on clothing, carpets, wood and laminate flooring, pavements, fake grass lawns and more. It is safe to use liberally as it is made entirely from all-natural biodegradable ingredients. It is safe not only for the surfaces on which it is used, but to animals and children which may come into direct contact.

pet odor and skunk odor eliminatorThe natural ingredients in Uricide are fast-acting and will neutralize skunk odors and other potent odors such as pet urine, rapidly. Even mice feces and decaying mice carcases can be odor-neutralized with Uricide [read more about neutralizing odors from mice and other vermin].

The microbial agents in Uricide kill the odor-creating bacteria at source and prevent the odors from re-establishing over the passage of time. No other product on the market kills germs and odor-causing bacteria like Uricide.

Keep our handy-sized Uricide in kitchens, basements and garages for quick-access to its potent odor-killing properties and apply it to all stains and odor affected areas, including –

  • Stains and odors caused by pet urine on lawns and fake grass
  • Skunk spray odors
  • Odors from mice and rodent feces / urine and decomposing mouse carcases.
  • Wet-dog smells and other odors which contaminate the living space.

Formulated for effectiveness and safety – safe for both the occupants of your home and the environment!


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