A look back at the history of artificial turf shows us that for the first part of its life it existed primarily for use in sports stadia around the world. This limitation was a function of its scarcity, its cost and the notion amongst potential users that it was not suitable for any non-sports related applications.

Clearly, the misconception over any limitations on its use has changed in recent times, and the emergence of artificial turf as a viable grass alternative in residential applications has exploded the fake grass market and driven the costs down considerably.

This article provides a look at the various applications we’ve encountered over our many years of installing these products in and around the State of Nevada [Las Vegas is in the national top 10 fastest growing users of synthetic turf] and nationwide. We’ve had some weird and wonderful requests to install our products into some pretty unusual places, but what follows can be considered typical and perfectly viable applications for artificial turf products:

1 – Synthetic lawns in residential and commercial applications
This is the fastest growing market sector and represents the number one use for synthetic turf products in the USA today.

2 – Sports Arenas and Stadia
The original ‘Astroturf’ product was designed specifically for this application and it is still used predominantly (under various brand names) in sports stadia. The most common use is for indoor stadia where there’s insufficient natural light to sustain natural grass, but it is also used outdoors as a genuinely superior alternative to grass.

3 – Pet Turf
We’ve covered pet usage in other articles, including here. These products are designed to be tolerant to pet misuse, and are easy to clean and maintain where pets are involved. [learn more]

4 – Playground turf
We install many playground systems, both residential and municipal / commercial. Parks Departments make a strong case for switching to fake turf on the grounds of maintenance costs, and various commercial businesses such as hotel/motel are switching to artificial turf products for playgrounds and kids’ play areas. [learn more]

5 – Putting greens and golf practicing applications
These are becoming more and more popular, particularly in places like California, Florida and Texas, where there’s a large demand for the sport coupled with harsh climactic conditions (high temps / low rainfall). We have an article covering putting greens here and you can view our main information page on putting green applications here – [learn more]

6 – Commercial turf
We see more and more commercial applications for our products, including offices, retail areas, parks, business centers/facilities and more. Even industrial premises and offices utilize SmartGrass© products for beautification of grounds and visitor access areas. [learn more]

7 – Landscape turf
This is listed here as distinct from residential and commercial applications in that the decision to install a synthetic lawn over a natural grass lawn is made by the Landscaping Architects and building designers. This represents and exciting shift in perspective and a greater appreciation of the benefits of synthetic turf products. [learn more]

8 – Balcony turffake grass uses
One of the many benefits of fake turf is the ability to install it into small and relatively inaccessible areas that receive little or no direct sunlight. As such, we supply our products for an ever increasing number of installations onto balconies, porches, verandas and shaded patio areas. Even conventional wooden decks can be adorned and beautified with artificial grass. We even see matching products such as deckchairs and chair pillows finished with artificial grass blades, as shown to the right.

9 – Roof turf
We were quite surprised the first time we were asked to look into a rooftop application for SmartGrass products, but it has now become quite commonplace.

10 – Swimming Pool Area
Artificial turf products are ideal for trimming and beautifying swimming pool areas since they do not get soggy and muddy and dry/drain quickly. [learn more]
This is by no means and exhaustive list of applications, and it is certainly an expanding list as more and more people become aware of the many benefits associated with artificial lawns and turf.

Though arid States are popular, including Nevada, California etc, it isn’t just dry-weather States where our products are popular. Illinois, New York and Maryland are not know for their predominantly dry weather conditions, but nevertheless they are strong markets for synthetic turf products.

Clearly with a wide number of applications, low purchase cost, virtually no maintenance and the ability to ship these products easily nationwide, there’s no good reason not to consider synthetic turf for your application. And where any residential application of synthetic lawns can increase your property value as well as reduce your monthly costs, it makes complete sense all round. Yes, Smart Grass is an asset and investment that will increase the value of your property. Unlike most home improvement projects, Smart Grass will pay for itself in a few years. For instance, say you spend $200 per month on landscaping and watering costs, that equates to $2,400 a year. Over five years, your cost is $12,000. The average Smart Grass lawn can be installed for much less than this.
For California residents, your new lawn installation can be performed by SmartGrass’ professional installers.  Smart Grass is licensed and bonded, and our supervised installers are fully insured. Our California Contractor’s License number is 927146.
For installations outside of CA, we can hook you up with an experienced landscaper and even oversee the project if you require. We have a number of licensed contractors in and around Las Vegas NV.

artificial turf uses and applications

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