Completely Eliminate Pet Urine Odors on Artificial Turf!


URI-CIDE® is a High Performance Pet Odor Eliminator. It is the only  100% living bacteria product that is specially formulated to consume and digest pet urine smells and other odors of the most offensive kind. Uricide is a very powerful concentrate, specifically designed to target the odor causing bacteria that are present in any and all protein based organisms.

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URI-CIDE® also works great on outdoor carpet, patios, driveways, real grass lawns, and landscaping. It will instantly neutralize and eliminate pet odors from urine, vomit, feces, saliva, wet dog smells and more!

If our product is not the best odor eliminator you have ever used, you can return your purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Uricide 5 gallon
1 Quart Super Concentrate.
Makes 3 gallons of product.
1 Gallon Super Concentrate.
Makes 12 gallons of product.
5 Gallons Super Concentrate.
Makes 60 gallons of product.
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Remove Pet Urine Odors from Artificial Turf

Pet Urine Odors on artificial turf can be a serious problem with homeowners. Homeowners with one or more pets often times have to deal with the problem of urine smells on their grass, whether the grass is real or artificial. During the summer months, the pet urine odors can get worse, due to the sun’s intense rays beating down on the surface of the yard. The uric acid that is present in pet urine is ammonia based and when heated up by the sun, will cause severe odor problems, sometimes making the outside area unusable. Often times, homeowners spend thousands (or tens of thousands) dollars creating a beautiful and expensive entertaining area in their yard, only to have that area ruined by pet urine smells and other pet odors.


Pet Smells in Your Yard. Neutralize Them With URI-CIDE®.

Eliminating Pet Odors on your lawn or backyard area is no longer a problem. With the inception of URI-CIDE®, homeowners can now enjoy the companionship of their dogs or cats without having their entertainment area or backyard ruined by offensive pet odors. URI-CIDE® is a 100% organic, totally safe, bio-enzymatic formula that completely removes any and all types of pet odors. URI-CIDE® will completely remove smells and offensive odors from urine, vomit, wet dog smells, pet stools, saliva, skunk odors and more! URI-CIDE® is specially formulated to consume and digest any protein-based waste organism.


Dog Urine Smells in Your Driveway

Dog or cat urine smells in a driveway, especially a gravel driveway can also be a problem. Typically your favorite pet likes to go to the bathroom in the same area of the yard, which can soil the area even worse. With gravel driveways, the urine seeps down in between the gravel, which makes it very hard to get to it and be able to remove it. Simply spraying water onto the contaminated area will not work, and most times makes the odor problem worse. URI-CIDE’s unique formula is specially formulated to penetrate the odor causing organisms, literally consuming and digesting them until they are 100% eliminated. Included with every purchase of Uricide is our patented hydro sprayer, which will apply the formula so it penetrates between the gravel, enabling it to reach the source of the odor and completely eliminating it.


Eliminating Pet Odors On Your Lawn – How Does URI-CIDE Work?

Most odor eliminating products are enzyme based and are what we like to call a, “ dead enzyme “ product. Enzymes cannot reproduce and often times will speed up the chemical reactions of pet waste odors, resulting in them having an even stronger smell.

The living microbes that are present in URI-CIDE® actually feed on the protein based waste organisms like billions of tiny Pac men, consuming and digesting the bacteria until they are completely gone. Since the microbes that are in URI-CIDE® literally feed on organic waste, the more the microbes consume, the more powerful they get!

The end result of this amazing process is an odor neutralizing product that increases in strength as it is doing its job. This process will continue as long as there is a food source. Once the food source no longer exists, the organic waste gets broken down to its most simplest form of carbon dioxide and water. At the completion of this entire process, the offensive odors that existed in your yard, driveway or patio will be completely eliminated and the odors will no longer exist.


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