URI-CIDE® – Gallon Size


Instantly Eliminate Pet Urine Smells from Artificial Turf

Super 10X Concentrate. Makes 10 Gallons of Usable Product!!

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Product Description

URICIDE is the only product available that uses 100% live bacteria. The active bacteria in URICIDE literally consumes and digests the odor causing pathogens until they are completely gone.

One application can last for weeks at a time. URICIDE will instantly remove pet urine and other odors on artificial turf, carpet, furniture, fabrics and more!

URICIDE is Specifically Designed for Turf and Carpet
But Also Removes Odors From:

Cat Littler Boxes
Wet Dog Smells
Pet Stools
Food Grease
Waste Bins

Guaranteed to work!!

Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 7 x 7 in

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Toll-Free Outside CA – 844-H2O-SAVE (844-426-7283 ) 310-678-7467 (In California)